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Vape Mods vs Pod Systems


Vape Pod Systems

What Is a Vape Pod System

Probably taken into consideration, the mods long shed and some could claim, better-looking bro, over the past year, approximately, pods have actually come to the fore as one of the major players in vaping devices. Sleek, stylish, slim, and portable, pods are ideal for those seeking a top-quality, fuss-free, and hassle-free vape for those with an on-the-go way of life. Extra powerful than a standard e-cigarette or vape pen and also much less headache than a mod, pods make use of the very same kind of sub-ohm modern technology as a mod to develop the vapor, though with lesser power and also temperature.

When contrasted to an e-cig, the combination of relatively high power together with reduced temperature level, indicate that pods are the ideal vaporizer to make use of with nic salts. This option to standard e-juice uses the normally occurring nicotine salts found in and also on tobacco leaves rather than the pharmaceutical grade or freebase nicotine generally discovered in e-liquid, cigarettes as well as nicotine substitute therapy products.

vape pod systems

Nic salts have higher nicotine material than normal e-liquid and are ending up being understood for their similarities to cigarette smoking due to the throat and nicotine hit they provide vapers. Because of the nicotine content, it’s assumed that nic salts might give vapers the nicotine dosage they require faster than common e liquids, which might, consequently, result in vaping less frequently.

With an expense contrast closer to e-cigarettes than Mod boxes, pods can quickly end up being the go-to vaporizer for the masses.

Our Vape Pods Safe?

The e-liquid utilized in vape pods are generally nicotine salt e-liquid. It’s softer, smoother than standard nicotine e-liquid (that is used with mods & tanks). In contrast to regular e-liquids, nicotine salts are usually considered to be just as safe.

Although nicotine salts themselves are similar in safety to freebase nicotine, there is one point that needs to be taken into consideration. Nicotine salts aren’t as easy to integrate into vape juice as freebase nicotine, so benzoic acid is usually included in the structure. Toxicology records have not found any danger regarding inhalation or vaping benzoic acid.

Whether it’s vape pods or e-liquid for vape mods, whether benzoic acid is added or not, it is coming to be a lot more usually accepted that vaping is considerably less dangerous than cigarette smoking. A current report by the National Academies of Sciences, Design as well as Medicine wrapped up that, “replacing e-cigarettes for flammable tobacco cigarettes reduces users’ direct exposure to various toxicants as well as carcinogens existing in combustible tobacco cigarettes.

Pod Vape Advantages And Disadvantages


A vape pod has numerous benefits over mods & storage tanks. One of the most visible perks is simple upkeep as well as usage, which makes a pod package suitable for new vapers. Some have disposable tanks/coils so you can throw away the old one as well as simply change with a new one to maintain vaping.

Others have straightforward press-fit coils that fast to replace as well as mess totally free generally. This simplicity of use strategy has seen numerous new vapers making the button with pods instead of conventional e-cig sets, which isn’t a negative thing! Yes, mod & storage tank combos additionally have push-fit coils, yet the total simplicity of use aids pods pip the top area in my viewpoint.

Vape pods are likewise portable and also light-weight compared to some mod/tank combos, with the majority of people finding them much better to lug about.

Pod sets are also great to use with nic salts, maybe the very best packages around to obtain the complete benefit of this alternate liquid. Many skilled vapers make use of pods with nic salts as well as a regular mod & storage tank with common premixed juices.


There are some drawbacks with pod kits, but it boils down to what type of vaper you are regarding whether these bother you or otherwise.

Battery life on pods tends to be fairly weak contrasted to a mod & tank. You can obtain some pod packages with larger batteries, yet these are not as prevalent.

Pods limit the alternative to use different coils as well as storage tanks. This is one area where mods & containers actually radiate because you can replace a container for something completely different when required; you can not do that with a pod!

A lot of vape pods are MTL (mouth to lung), although there is a couple of that deal with DL (direct lung) vapers. This lack of selection could be bothersome to individuals who such as to produce huge clouds of vapor. Some vape pods can create significant clouds nonetheless, which just demonstrates how far they have actually come.

Last but not least, a lot of pods do not feature exchangeable batteries. Having to wait to charge can be a discomfort, as I such as to revolve batteries so I always have a charged collection all set to go.

Vape Mods

Vape Mods

What Is a Vape Mod

Mod or Mod Boxes are, as the name suggests, flexible (mod), box-like devices, which utilize sub-ohm modern technology to offer vapers more power and consequently much more vapor. These advanced devices enable vapers to modify the moveable parts of the vaporizer such as coils and also wicks, which change the technicians and also the resistance of power. By doing this, you can play with the power as well as the temperature level of your vaporizer, which subsequently can aid enhance flavor and also vapor cloud size.

Mods will certainly use a container to shop e-liquid, with numerous vapers picking to mix their own blends of e-liquid to suit their preferences. As you might recognize, e-liquid is normally made from pharmaceutical grade freebase nicotine, flavors, as well as PG and/or VG liquid. PG is known for boosting flavor and the thicker uniformity of VG will enhance the thickness of vapor created, as a result, you’ll be able to play with ratios of PG as well as VG to discover your best vape, special to you. Being able to change as well as customize the setups of box mods to improve the flavor as well as cloud production makes this an excellent device for those crazy about playing with their vaping experience.

The downside to mods is the size and also affordability. Due to the range of portable parts as well as the option of e-liquids, carrying around a box mod isn’t necessarily the most convenient point to do. You’ll preferably need a bring situation for your equipment and also room to set up your device as and when you like a vape.

Vape Mods Pros And Cons


Mods & containers are without inquiry, the most flexible configurations you can utilize. Different mod sizes are readily available and there is a container for essentially any kind of vaper. Battery life can be as much or as low as you desire, and the capability to personalize vape setups is available for innovative vapers. Pods have customizable settings too, but nowhere near the level of freedom offered by a mod & container combination.

Mods & storage tanks do not compel you to use exclusive hardware (like pods), so if you need much more power efficiency, you can change the container if required. Some vapers will certainly start with a fundamental MTL container, then simply get one with sub-ohm capabilities to update. This does depend on the power of the mod, yet most can manage storage tank upgrades easily.

You can utilize much more sort of vape liquid on a mod & container combo. High VG is extremely well suited as vape pods frequently have a hard time using it successfully. This is a significant advantage and also one that usually guides a vapers decision.

Finally, mods & tanks offer unrivaled vapor production that vape pods merely can not compete with. If using a sub-ohm container, RDA, or RDTA with a high VG fluid, you can generate huge clouds that pods can just imagine doing.


Like vape pods, the disadvantages with mods & tanks will mainly rely on individual preference, but need to be discussed, however.

Mods & storage tanks can be hefty and also cumbersome, making it more difficult to bring several of the bigger ones around. Vape pods mainly do not have this trouble as well as if you require something lightweight, maybe the far better choice.

The setups can be complicated as well as complicated. Multiple settings and VT (variable temperature) setups for various wire types are a problem for some vapers, who simply wish to split on and also vape.

Leakage can be an issue for some. A big majority of storage tanks will not have this concern, however, it is a truth that some storage tanks can tend to leak. Whether it’s a bad coil layout or a broken seal, it can be irritating for vapers to deal with, particularly if you’re out when it happens! Vape pods tend to be more resistant to dripping, so if you require a fuss-free vapor cigarette, pod packages could be the answer.

Vape Mods Vs Vape Pod Systems

What Is The Distinction In Between Pod And Vape?

If you’re brand-new to vaping or have been vaping for a while now, you might notice the current popularity of pod vapes. Vapes are offered in 2 various styles and applications: mods and also pods. Not only do they look different, with pod vapes being smaller sized and also more convenient, but there are also other noteworthy distinctions between mods and pod vapes that you must take into consideration when choosing which to purchase.

e-Liquid Vape Mod Vs Vape Pod

Vape mods are made for sub-ohm vaping utilized with an e-liquid as well as a higher vegetable glycerin content. The higher vegetable glycerin content is what generates thicker and also fuller vape clouds than that of pod vapes. Several vapers like these because of the fuller clouds that supply an enjoyable visual experience. Vapers can select fluids that have various nicotine quantities or no nicotine at all.

On the other hand, pods are becoming very popular. The very best pod mods include nicotine salt e-liquid which has a higher focus of nicotine than freebase e-liquids utilized with vape mods as well as is readily available in various nicotine strengths. They use pods that are loaded with e-liquid that are tiny as well as less complicated to transport in pockets as well as bags.

It is essential to keep in mind that using nicotine salts in a conventional storage tank can cause damage considering that freebase fluids are commonly used in typical tanks that are compatible with the majority of mods.

Applications Vape Mod Vs Vape Pod

Because of their higher nicotine salt web content, pods are a lot more ideal for smokers seeking to quit cigarettes. The most effective vape pod mods are additionally lighter weight than a vape mod counterpart using a similar experience to smoking a cigarette. Lots of people have succeeded with pods when switching from cigarettes to vaping because they use the capacity to select nicotine material with the flavors they appreciate.

vape pods

Vape mods are slightly bigger and also offer vapers the capacity to have fun with different settings and also easily personalize their vape experience. Vapers who don’t require a specific nicotine material choose these as they can personalize their device to create the ideal thickness for the clouds they desire. Previous smokers can also make use of vape mods as a means to help them stop smoking cigarettes, however, these do not use the same straightforward applications like ideal size and also weight for people utilized to cigarettes.

Affordability Vape Mod Vs Vape Pod

Refillable pod mods are typically a lot more cost-effective. While there are shut pod mods that are not refillable well as can be inexpensive depending upon your everyday usage, refillable pod mods are the least expensive means to vape because you have the capability to replenish your own pods with a high focus of nicotine salts in the flavors that you like. Because you must only need a container or more of your preferred e-liquid monthly, you’ll be investing less cash on purchasing already filled pods and also even much less cash than mod vapes.

Vape mods, on the other hand, need much more job along with the filling up of the containers, like transforming the coil at least two times a month, which can be costly.

Which Is Much Better Pod Or Mod Vape? Which One Must I Choose

Like all points in the world of vaping, it’s almost totally down to individual choice – discovering the best item for you could take a little trial and error, but with the help of our skilled team and plenty of helpful overviews on your side it will certainly be a wind! When you’re selecting in between a pod or mod system, nonetheless, there are a couple of inquiries that you must be asking yourself.

How much power do you require? If a high-powered and intense sub-ohm vape is your go-to, then a vape mod will almost certainly be the far better option for you. Mod systems have even more technology under the hood, as well as generally have the ability to bring a lot higher battery power in their larger covering, resulting in boosted efficiency at high wattages, better shooting power, faster home heating, more intense flavor as well as bigger, thicker vapor clouds on the exhale. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind sacrificing a little power for usefulness as well as benefit, you’ll be perfectly pleased with a pod system. There are a lot of pod systems on the marketplace today that still pack a rather effective strike, even without the very same bulk as a mod set!

vape tanks

What is your preferred shape and size? Commonly, one of the major downsides of vape mods was their cumbersome shape and size, and their possibility for the leak, as they were largely made by customers themselves. Today, nonetheless, this couldn’t be better from the situation. Each day brand-new developments are made which enable the manufacture of smaller and also slimmer vape mods, without needing to endanger performance or power, though it doesn’t always come affordable! Vape mods are coming to be much more user-friendly, whether this is believed smart, leakproof housing, or more ergonomic forms for a comfy hold. Pod sets, on the other hand, have been prioritizing functional designs for several years now, with their smaller, sleeker, lighter, and extra modern-day styles. These are much less cumbersome to lug about as well as in shape easily in pockets, bags as well as handbags, without any leaks. If transportability is really vital to you, a pod set will be the very best alternative for you!

What is your rate point? While vaping is considerably less expensive than smoking cigarettes cigarette or cigarettes, there are sorts of vaping that are much more cost-effective, and others that are less so. Closed system pods (disposable cartridges you appear and afterward get rid of when you change them with a brand-new one) are the least cost-efficient method to vape, though they are ideal for new and novice vapers, and also those looking to quit smoking cigarettes as they are the most convenient means to vape. Open up system pods (replaceable and also multiple-use pods that you fill with your option of e-liquid) are a somewhat more economical alternative, though you do still have to replace the pods on a semi-regular basis. Vape mods almost specifically make use of e-liquid to replenish, which is the most cost-effective method to vape, as well as the most green, as there is much less waste with this sort of refill approach.

Do you intend to be able to tailor-make your vape? For more advanced vapers, this can be an unbelievably fundamental part of their overall experience. Things like coils that can be added or eliminated, interchangeable storage tanks, and also various batteries can all have a big influence on the total vape experience. This sort of personalization can only be performed with sophisticated vape mod devices. Vape mods also provide skilled vapers even more alternatives and also controls without changing out the hardware of the vape. Temperature, power level, battery power, voltage as well as more can all be adjusted to optimize for the ideal vape experience. Additionally, if this doesn’t matter to you as much, a pod vape will do just fine and conserve you a great deal of mess, cash, hassle, and also trouble when setting up your brand-new device.

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